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SQLData server products provide direct access to  ODBC compliant databases through web browsers, desk top browsers or email clients.  The SQLData Desktop Server allows user to perform database operations such as insert, update, and delete through predefined HTML pages. The SQLData Enterprise Server is a fully implemented HTTP service which, in addition to provide database operations, allows true distributed server group coordination, synchronization, and replications.

SQLData Enterprise Server

This product is a multi-thread, multi-process, high-performance web application server that supports secure distributed database services for dynamic content publishing over the Internet. The Dynamic Server Group (DSG) feature allows database to be distributed to multiple hosts transparently, providing much needed scalability and fail-over capabilities (through server partnership) in large scale information systems. The server has features such as multi-level authentication, data encryption, embedded session management, incremental data replication and synchronized clustering.

The server provides real time database synchronization over multiple servers. Database operations, such as update and insertion, can be performed on multiple servers (partners) simultaneously. The master server performs automatic resynchronization  using SQL backlogs when a backup server is restarted, thus avoid costly complete replications.

The server offers an open and powerful platform for creating web applications quickly. It is an ideal environment for developing multi-tier web applications.

Further information can be found at Benefits and Features

ODBC Broker

ODBC Broker is a group of C++ classes built on top of ODBC API. The Broker class is a powerful tool for accessing ODBC resources without knowledge of ODBC. Unlike other libraries, the ODBC Broker performs runtime binding and has its own database connection management. Using ODBC becomes a very simple task if you have the ODBC Broker.


XKMS 2.0 Client

We have an XKMS 2.0 client implementation for common PKI operations such as Locate, Validate and Register keys using web services. It dramatically reduces the complexity of PKI related operations.




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